We are attending doctors at the Klinikum Weiden day surgery and inpatient surgery and do following surgeries:


  • Removal of pharyngeal tonsils (adenoids)

  • Removal of palatine tonsils (tonsillectomy)

  • Laser-reduction of palatine tonsils (tonsillotomy)

  • Reduction of turbinates (conchotomy), e.g. also laser surgery

  • Reduction of nasal & septal fractures

  • Sinus surgery (maxillary, frontal and ethmoidal sinus surgery)

  • Plastic surgery for bat ears

  • Plastic nose surgery

  • Laser surgery for snoring (nose, palate, uvula)

  • Nasal septum surgeries






  • Removal of skin tumours in the ENT area, e.g. also laser surgery

  • Removal of cysts, fistulas or lymph nodes of the neck

  • Ear surgery for injuries to the ear drum

  • Operations to improve hearing in patients wich old drum defects

  • Incision in the ear drum to release fluid from the middle ear

  • Insertion of grommets into the ear drum for chronic middle ear effusion

  • Microscopic surgery of the voice box, possibly via laser surgery

  • Biopsies of suspicious tissues in the whole ENT area